Originally from Wilmington, Delaware, Raphael Xavier is an award-winning artist and alumnus of the world renowned Hip Hop Dance Company, Rennie Harris Puremovement. A 2013 Pew Fellowship Grantee, 2016 Guggenheim Fellow and 2016 United States Artist Fellow, Xavier has been a professional breaker/dancer for the last

20 years, working in a variety of fields including music, photography and film.

A self taught Hip Hop dancer and Breaking practitioner since 1983, Xavier continues to learn and recreate new ways to expand the vocabulary of the dance form through constant research of the culture, performance, practice and by staying present in the community. 

His extensive research in Hip Hop forms and culture, specifically Breaking, has lead to the creation of Ground-Core, a Somatic dance technique that gives the practitioner a better understanding of the body within all dance forms. His goal is to make the form accessible to any body type and level. Ground-Core technique is featured in most of his choreography and repertory works.

He is currently touring a repertory show entitled 'Point of Interest'. Featuring a multigenerational cast, 'Point of Interest' was included in The Boston Globe's "Top 10 of the Year in Dance" (2016).

Xavier currently lives in Philadelphia and is a professor at Princeton University, where he teaches the History of Hip Hop Dance and Culture and Intro to Breaking courses.


"Top 10 of the Year in Dance"
The Boston Globe
". . .exemplified the creative instincts that ultimately define genius."
The Broad Street Review
"I love watching Raph impress and relate to the older and the younger generations. He's an elder
in the breaking community and is teaching hip-hop to seniors and youth alike. His work is masterful. . ."
Dance News Desk