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"Artists are always looking to get ahead of the competition and keep the momentum flowing for as long as they can. Most of the time it’s creative and financial momentum we are looking for. But everyday it seems to be getting harder and harder for us to even stay afloat.

There is tons of information out there that artists are unaware of. But we just need one person who can point us in the right direction. This could be a mentor, consultant or an artist friend who can help guide out artistic careers.

As an accomplished artist from the hip hop genre, I have managed to keep my practice moving forward with the help of mentors and artist friends who have encouraged me to keep pushing. I want to offer that same encouragement to fellow artists in the hip hop field who are looking to venture out into the artistic world with their craft and skill set. From presenters, residency opportunities, grants and performance venues looking for cutting edge artists, I can share information that will get you to the next steps of your career.

If you’re ready to go to the next level of artistry, reach out and let me help you begin your journey."

- Raphael Xavier

  • Are you questioning your next move as a dancer?
  • Do you want your work to be seen more?
  • Are you wondering how to finance your work?
  • Are you looking for places to showcase your art?
  • Do you want to work on your craft full time?

If you answered yes,

then you are ready for the next stage of your artistry.

Whether your focus is personal, professional or about your practice, just a 10 minute introduction can help you decide.

Offering assistance with:




grant narratives 




dance festivals

dance residencies

dance grants

    (non-profit and individual)

presenter conferences

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