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2024 Film Release

An out of work artist turns to an old street friend to make fast money. Reluctantly, he takes a substitute teaching job and a chance to mentor a young boy trying to make a name in Philly's bicycle wheelie culture.

Swerve · Eli, Xavier's first short drama, is based on a true story and his experience in the Philly BMX wheelie culture. The first screening was in Philadelphia at the Annenberg Center in April 2024. It has been selected for several festivals, won best short in Vegas and is currently on the festival circuit.

Read more about the film and story behind it at the following:

"How A Movie About BMX Culture Is On Track To Change Philadelphia Forever" - BuzzFeed

"‘Swerve,’ a new film about Philly bike culture, is based on a true story" - The Philadelphia Inquirer


Raphael Xavier as Van Xander

Jaden Alexander as Eli Blake

Lee Mack as Remo Jackson

Mike Plasha as Hoodrich

Ariel Ortega as One Wheel Gawd

Patrice Hawthorne as Grand Mother


Directed by Gary Dourdan and Raphael Xavier

Written by Raphael Xavier

Produced by Raphael Xavier

Music by Tim Motzer

Cinematography by Adam Hazelton

Casting by Adam Hazelton and Emily Hazelton

Production Managed by Emily Hazelton

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