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Raphael "Viazeen" Xavier


"A fine rhythm technician who transforms a bravado dance style into an introspective meditation."

- Brenda Dixon Rothschild,

American choreographer / cultural historian

Distilling the art of breaking to its purest form, Raphael Xavier takes his chosen movement vocabulary to uncharted territory. Expanding both dancer and audience expectations, Xavier has forged an exceptional approach to improvisation, clearing the path for those interested in breaking as an artform.  A multi-faceted creator who draws inspiration from his many talents in dance, music, photography, and writing, Xavier’s original works are a transcendent mix of poetry, precision and spontaneity.



Guggenheim Fellowship

for Choreography


United States Artist Fellowship


Pew Fellowship 


MacDowell Fellowship 



Point of Interest

a soundscape of beats, spoken word poetry, and musical rhythms that shines a light on the natural, humorous, and at times painful change of the maturing breaking dancer

In the Moment

A collaboration of artists from Los Angeles,

Boston and Philadelphia, incorporating both

spoken word storytelling and dance

The Unofficial Guide to Audience Watching Performance

an autobiographical dance–theater work that looks at a time when the new became old very quickly


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From Raphael

I started Breaking in 1983 and began a career as a professional dancer in 1997. I traveled the world and I found something in the dance that built my character, self-esteem and confidence to do anything I wanted. The dance gave me a voice and a privilege.

Over the many years of touring and making art with a Hip Hop form, ironically,  I found myself maturing into a person that Hip Hop didn’t allow. I became an adult with real life situations.

By dealing with those situations I learned to not only help myself but to help others from all walks of life. Not just artists and dancers. I realized my job was not as a 9 to 5 employee. It was as an artist who could help others express themselves by inspiring and encouraging them. More importantly, pointing them in the right direction. Relationships are vital in any business and confidence counts. Knowing who your are as an artist is a major component to your journey. It can be very powerful.

We never stop growing and changing and neither should our decisions to make art and dance. As we grow up, so does our dance. It gets better!

hc-raphael-xavier-1-ng-20170221 Bicking.
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